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Name:Callista Ming

Name: Callista Ming
Age: 29
Hair: brown, long, wavy
Eyes: gray
Height: 1.7 meters
Body Type: long boned, lanky, tall, thin
Voice: alto, boyish and husky (like "smoke and silver")
PB: Leigh Yeager

Home World: Chad III
Weapon of Choice: yellow-beamed lightsaber with tsaelke (sea-creatures from her home world) on handle
Master: Djinn Altis -- Djinn was considered a 'maverick' by the Jedi Council. He taught his students onboard a ship instead of at a temple, taught them when they were much older than the Council generally allowed, and believed that it wasn't wrong for Jedi to form intimate relationships. While Callista was considered a full-fledged Jedi Knight and served in the Clone Wars, she was a student of less than traditional methods of training.
Likes: water; large bodies of water (from being raised on a water world); sweet jeru tea; knowing the right thing; Pekkie Blu and the Starboys; being part of something greater; Luke Skywalker
Dislikes: being lost, confused or cold; doubt; being cut off from the Force; the Dark Side; wampas

Legal Stuffs: I do not own Callista and am making no money pretending to be her. Please don't sue. I am also not Leigh Yeager so please don't sue me over that either. ^^;;
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